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But I am the Chosen One

dabble dabble dibble dabble

Improved Alabama icon:

and even though he never uses them; this one's Joe's:

I'm working on Tennesee and Florida and even Georgia for anyone who wants them...



Look at your FREAKIN MAD Icon makin' skillz!!!!!!

BTW, since one week ago yesterday, I have logged 15 miles. No soft drinks. Much protein and actual 5 fruits and veggies per day. EVERY day.


I'm sticking you in my suitcase to take to the beach. I'm also snaggin' that icon.
15 miles!?!?! Mad walking skilz!
I'm so proud of you!

*brings sunscreen*
*climbs in suitcase*

Made it just for you ;)
You go woman!

I'm so proud of you!
Look at your icon skilz...can't wait for the Tennessee one!